Case Studies

Interface Plate for Cryocoolers
Some spacecraft instruments and detectors such as infrared systems and their focal planes require cooling down to cryogenic temperatures. There are three technologies that have traditionally been used to cool those focal plane arrays and instruments down to their optimum operating temperatures. Those technologies are stored cryogen cooling systems, cryogenic radiators, and cryocoolers. Stored cryogen… [Continue Reading]

Gimbaled Pointing Systems
In targeting roles, aircraft like the Airborne Laser and helicopters like Comanche can be equipped with gimbaled active or passive devices with a fully integrated suite of displays, command controls and communications. In direct reference to Comanche, the advanced infrared (IR) sensors had twice the range of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and AH-64 Apache sensors. The… [Continue Reading]

Pulsating Heat Pipes
The increasing performance of space borne instruments, electronics and communication systems result in the need to dissipate much larger thermal loads while meeting demanding weight and size constraints. In addition, tight temperature control is also required for optical alignment needs, lasers, and detectors. There is a drive for miniaturization with micro electro-mechanical systems which creates… [Continue Reading]

The ORBCOMM Constellation, Primary Structure
The ORBCOMM Constellation required the launching of multiple satellites in a single launch. The launches were planned on Pegasus and it was anticipated that eight satellites at a time would be launched. Figure 1 shows the eight satellites stacked upon each other ready to be loaded onto the Pegasus launch vehicle. Due to this launch… [Continue Reading]

Radiative Coupler for Spacecraft Instruments
Peregrine provided, manufactured and tested an enabling design which was a Radiative Coupler. The purpose of this device was to transport thermal energy from a sensor “on” gimbal to an “off” gimbal radiator. Typically, problems exist with the dissipation of thermal energy from a sensor that is located on a gimbaled system. In space where… [Continue Reading]

Precision Machining of Beryllium
Peregrine typically machines pure beryllium material and beryllium alloys. In particular to pure beryllium, machining techniques and processes are important in achieving a successful product. Beryllium is a fracture critical material and has a tendency to “twin” when a machine tool comes into contact with the surface of the material. Twinning is small micro cracks… [Continue Reading]

Gas Gap Thermal Switch
The Gas Gap Thermal Switch was a successful assembly designed and fabricated by the Peregrine Falcon Corporation for NASA and flown on the Space Transportation System on board the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-95). The Gas Gap Thermal Switch is presented in Figure 2 below. The switch operates by transferring or isolating a thermal load from… [Continue Reading]

Diffusion Bonding
The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is made of a consortium of nine countries and will be located in the south of France at the Cadarache Facility. The objective of ITER is to produce a sustained fusion reaction, one that generates 500 megawatts of energy from 50 megawatts of input power. This is a significant… [Continue Reading]

Innovative Payload Thermal Management Technology Thin Titanium Radiation Shields
Thin Titanium Radiation Shield Enclosures (TTRSE) provide an innovative replacement for Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) blankets improving the thermal isolation of instruments to their local environments. This solution yields a lower volume product with a potentially lower mass while also eliminating sources of contamination, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and water entrapment. This innovation replaces the labor… [Continue Reading]

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